The new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII makes a serious case for stylish and smooth combat.

The demo, clocking in at just under two minutes, showcases protagonist Lightning as she wreaks havoc on various foes. Her moves are quick and visceral and attack animations look seamless. The enemies Lightning encounters are richly detailed and a nice departure from the standard fantasy/RPG fare.

Outside of combat, the demo has Lightning moving through the game world. The areas shown have a rich science-fiction and industrial vibe, with plenty of detail in the environment. Lightning is seen interacting with various switches, climbing ladders, and even leaping a great distance and then promptly sliding down a pole with some serious swagger.

In just shy of two minutes, the Lightning Returns demo manages to showcase sleek combat, great graphics, and great character designs, giving fans of the series reason to count down the days until the game’s release on February 11th, 2014 for the PS3 and XBOX360.

Lightning Returns – E3 Gameplay Demo

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