Like a Fine Wine the Matrix Sequels Have Gotten Better With Age

Over the past two weeks I took it upon myself to watch the Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray, namely because I haven’t seen them in HD yet, but also because I’m kind of revisiting some of the geek pop culture from my early 20’s.  The Matrix sequels in general didn’t go over too well with fans when they were first released for a myriad of reasons.  Some blamed the long delay in between releasing the first sequel for the issues, others felt like the Wachowski brothers lost their touch and got to philosophical, while others disliked the heavier use of CG in the sequels.

I for one felt let down with the last movie in the series Revolutions.  I just didn’t quite like the ending and how Neo’s story played out, but I didn’t necessarily hate it.  In my mind it was the worst of the series, but nothing like the Star Wars prequels.  It was good, but not great, and it really didn’t deliver as the finale.  Regardless, I accepted the Matrix sequels for what they were, and for the most part I felt semi-satisified with how the series played out.  They weren’t on the level of the LOTR trilogy from Jackson, but at that time they were much better alternatives than some other big sci-fi franchises (Star Wars anyone), so I took them for what they were and moved on with my life.

For the latter half of my 20’s I avoided watching any of the Matrix movies in general, not because I hated them, but because I was just burnt out on them and their underlying philosophical messages.  In fact, it took me almost 9 years to watch this trilogy again, and after doing so these past couple of weeks I have to tell you that the sequels have actually gotten better now that I’m a slightly wiser geek in my 30’s.  I don’t know if this phenomena is because I haven’t seen them in so long, which made them a little more fresh, or if I’ve actually grown some new brain cells to help me fully comprehend what these movies were trying to tell us back in the early part of the century.

Regardless, I couldn’t help but feel like all the gibberish in the two Matrix sequels made more sense to me now that I’m older.  All the long winded dialogue scenes about love, karma, words, and whatever other sh*t came out of the Meroviginian’s mouth, as well as that Indian guy in the subway station, all seemed to make more sense now.  It’s almost as if I’ve finally been able to see these films for what the Wachowski’s meant them to be.  I still don’t know what exactly that is, but all the stuff that I thought was boring bullish*t back in my 20’s now made a little more sense to me, and actually made me appreciate this trilogy even more.

I’m not saying this revelation will happen to everyone.  I know there are fanboys out there who will never watch the Matrix sequels again, just as I probably won’t ever watch the Star Wars prequels, and that’s fine.  Although, if you’ve been thinking about taking a peek at the Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray I’d urge you to do so to see if you too have had a change of heart about the sequels after watching them.  For me they really have gotten better with the passing of time, but maybe I’m just going soft in my old age.  If you were a fan that was sort of let down back in 2003 then try giving them another chance now that you, and the films, are 9 years wiser.

Let us know if you take on the challenge.  I’d be interested in hearing if any other of you have kind of felt the same way about the Matrix prequels now that they’ve matured a bit since their initial release.  I know I’m glad that I did, and I definitely have a new found appreciation for them.  If you need to pick them up on Blu-ray you can do so by clicking the image below.  You’ve been given some geeky homework now get to it…

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