The gamers over at TheWarpZone have created a series of web videos that detail different ways to play drinking games while gaming.  Not that we recommend blacking out all the time while playing your favorite games, but sometimes drinking excessively and playing violent video games goes hand in hand.  This is especially the case in TheWarpZone‘s latest drinking game for gamers called Beers of War.  I’ll let the video explain the rules to you, because they’re quite detailed for a drinking game, but just know that they’re penalizing enough that you’re surely to get soused by adhering to them.

As always use your best judgment while drinking, and if you are too young to be doing so get your sh*t together!  You don’t want to end up a drunken slob, but a little taste here and there never hurt anyone.  Check out Beers of War below.  You’ve been not needing a new way to drink more while playing Gears 3 on Friday nights…

Drinking Games for Gamers: Beers of War

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