Like Mobile Gaming? Check Out Desert Winds on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play!


Mobile gaming is becoming closer and closer to the console experience as each new piece of technology comes out.  One of the latest mobile devices to really push the mobile gaming barrier is the new Android based phone the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which is a Playstation certified smartphone.  Through its use of the Snapdragon CPU, and the new Adreno GPU, the Xperia play can belt out some very impressive videogame visuals for a tiny little phone.  I’m talking Ps2 quality if not better.

One game coming out for the Xperia Play that really showcases its beefy innards is Southend Interactive’s Desert Winds.  Imagine God of War, but instead of a family slaughtering warlord you play as a “banging like butter on a biscuit” princess.  Is talking about female videogame characters as being sexy creepy?  Yes, but not when there’s a real life person behind the character.  Actress/Model/Awesome Twitter Follower Jennifer Duran (@Jen_Duran) has been tapped by the Xperia team to portray Amira, the princess in Desert Winds, and unlike the digital version I don’t feel creepy calling her “banging like butter on a biscuit”.

She recently informed us that she’ll be making her way to the Land of the Rising Sun for this years Tokyo Game Show, so nerds and geeks alike can have their fantasies fulfilled by meeting the real life Amira in person.  If you were at E3 and stopped by the Xperia Play booth you might have seen her getting her Amira on then, but just in case you missed that there’s a video of her doing her thing below.  She might not be the best gamer, but she looks fantastic doing it!

Real Life Amira Going Hands On With Desert Winds


As if having a hot babe for a lead character wasn’t enough, the gameplay in Desert Sands looks pretty solid as well.  I won’t be getting the Xperia Play for a full hands-on review, but I do urge you to check out the Desert Sands gameplay demo below so you can see the power of this Android based smartphone in action.  The visuals really do look vibrant for a phone, and the game looks to be a must have for all Xperia Play owners.  I believe it’ll be out within the next few weeks, so if you’re in the market for a new phone that doubles as a Playstation I would recommend checking this little baby out.  You’ve been given another videogame character to drool over…

Desert Winds Trailer



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