Like to Shoot Stuff? Then You Need This Jar-Jar Binks Target Poster!

DevainArt member theCrow65 must not like the world of Star Wars too much, because he has an entire page dedicated to shooting range poster art that all feature characters from Lucas’ Star Wars universe.  I’m sure some of you would like to pop a few caps into an Ewok or two, but the one Star Wars shooting range poster that I think most fans would love to lob missiles at is the Jar-Jar Binks version.

The moment I saw it I instantly started shooting at my screen as if I could produce live ammunition from the tip of my finger.  Yeah, I’m still not over the whole prequel thing.  Check out shooting range Jar-Jar below.  You’ve been needing to find a printer, your gun, and a safe place to let off some steam…


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