Like to Travel With Your Gadgets? Harness the Sun with a Joos Product

Do you like to go on random road trips or camping?  Yes, this is geared to our resident D.E.B world traveler and Earth master, AFROzone, who is currently amidst another brave expedition as I type.  If you are like the fabled AFRO, and like to get away from the confines of the city and get back to nature, but don’t want to give up all of your gadgets, Joos has the solution for you.

They’ve recently announced their newest gadget that can charge most of your technical gear with the power of the Sun.  The Joos Orange, as it is being called, is about the size of an iPad and uses solar energy to refill its battery, which in turn will recharge your [slider title=”toys.”]I don’t think it’ll charge your sex toys though, sorry ladies : ([/slider]  It has been touted as ultra-durable for those of you that like to beat the shit out of your stuff, and has some super milliamp-thingy-ion-battery that is able to fully charge a device like an iPhone 4 times before it needs some juice itself.

The only downside is that the Joos Orange has a hard to read LED interface to determine what its status is as far as a charge goes.  If you don’t speak robot or LED like most geeks, you’ll have to use the GUI interface on a PC.  Sorry Macs no GUI for you though.

If you’re a traveler like AFRO and love having your gadgets with you at all times no matter where you are at, the Joos Orange is just for you.  Head on over to their site to sign up for updates on when it’ll be available.  You’ve been Joos’d…

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Via [Wired]


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