Limited Edition Cosmetics For PUBG Xbox One Players

PUBG already has a plethora of cosmetics that players can buy, and now Xbox One players will be able to get their own limited sets! Frankly though, I thought that they would be a little bit more Xbox themed, but it’s really just a couple sets of clothes with green accented colors. I thought we might be able to get some Gears or Halo-inspired stuff like a Mjolnir helmet, but at least they get something special.

Of course, having to pay $9.99 for a set of clothes seems silly at best.

There’s also a tracksuit and accessory pack you can get for $4.99 each which is pretty average, but still, paying 10 bucks for a pack of clothes that don’t do anything seems silly. I can’t argue with numbers though, PUBG is crazy stupid popular and pretty much everyone and their mother plays.

Let us know if you’ll be playing the game on Xbox One and what your favorite cosmetic is!

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