Limited Edition “Geralt Ronin” Figure | The Witcher III

Though Slavic by birth, Geralt is an archetypal hero who appears in many cultures. Inspired by medieval Japan, this hand-painted 12-inch polystone figure depicts Geralt of Rivia as a rōnin monster hunter.

Set in the Koyasan Cemetery in Japan, the scene depicts Geralt preparing to fight the local Oni – or demons. Accompanied and guided by a friendly Tatarimokke spirit, the witcher will need to use every trick in his arsenal to prevail.

“We spent dozens of hours designing, sculpting and refining every texture, edge and curve. Each Geralt Rōnin Figure is carefully hand-painted basing on the color scheme prototyped by award-winning miniature painter Jarosław “Camelson” Drabek.”

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