The new incarnation of Link that Nintendo have created seems to have a spectacular move set, as shown in the latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors. This trailer, shown above, focuses on Link and features a small preview of combat gameplay. Hyrule Warriors is said to be more of a ‘hack and slash’ action game, as oppose to previous iterations of the series.

Link’s ability to carve his way through enemy ranks with large area-of-effect moves, coupled with the ability to perform precision strikes against single opponents, does seem reminiscent of the Dynasty Warriors series. This comes as no surprise, due to the fact that Hyrule Warriors is being co-developed by Omega Force, who are the studio behind Dynasty Warriors.

Other playable characters have been announced for Hyrule Warriors, such as Midna and Impa, so there is reason to believe that perhaps there will be other gameplay trailers released in the future focusing on their combat abilities too. In the meantime, watch the short gameplay trailer above. The special editions at the end are supposedly only for Japanese audiences, for now at least.

Hyrule Warriors will be released exclusively on Wii U on August 14th for Japan, September 19th for Europe, September 20th for Australia, and September 26th for North America.


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