Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse Preview – PAX East 2016

Logitech was showcasing some pretty cool tech at PAX East this year, and that’s coming from a console gamer (I’d totally be a PC gamer if I could afford it, trust me). Between their awesome keyboards, headsets, and mice, one of the coolest things that I got to talk to them about this year was the G502 Proteus Spectrum wireless gaming mouse.

Through the magical world of science, they have engineered a wireless gaming mouse that is faster than one of the fastest Razer wired mice. Now, I would’ve just taken their word for it, but they actually had a super cool program there that would show the time between when you clicked the mouse and when the signal actually reached the system. It was something like 4 milliseconds faster than the Razer mouse, which I thought was pretty impressive, because I know how good Razer equipment it.

The name of the game (aside from speed) with this mouse was customizability, which it has a whole lot of. With a really comfortable design, it’s got some well-placed and shaped hotkey buttons, as well as customizable weight distribution, which goes a bit over my head, but I still think is awesome. Little weights under the mouse form a hexagon shape in the center, which is even distribution, but you can take weights out, put more in, have none at all, it was really cool! On top of all of that, it’s got customizable RGB lighting, and I mean, come on, that’s the most important part, the pretty lights, amiright?

Where the weights sit inside the mouse (the blue hexagon)
Where the weights sit inside the mouse (the blue hexagon)

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