LogMeIn Ignition App Makes WordPress Management a Breeze on the iPad 2

When I first scored my iPad 2 I had every intention of using it as my main computing device while I was away from Buddha Central Command.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized that managing this site from the iPad 2 only using the WordPress app made for iPads was going to severely limit my posting capabilities.  It’s a decent app for comment moderation, but as far as posts go the WordPress app is only really good for updating old posts.  To create all new content using the WP app for iPad I would essentially have to code all of my posts in HTML, which is an exercise I’d rather not have to do every time I post mobile style.  Honestly, the main reason I decided to use WP for my CMS is because it dumbs the whole web posting process down, so I wasn’t too thrilled with the options that were available to me on the iPad 2.

That was until I learned about the LogMeIn Ignition app made for the iPad platform, which essentially gives you remote control access of any PC/Mac that you’ve configured the client on.  You may ask why I didn’t just browse to my WP dashboard using mobile Safari on the iPad 2?  That’s a good question, but my answer isn’t too far off from how I felt about the WP app.  The WP dashboard using mobile Safari ultimately requires you to use HTML coding just to write posts, so to me it was a sucky solution to my problem.  I would rather get water boarded at Gitmo versus write posts using HTML.  What can I say?  I’m lazy and dumb when it comes to posting using HTML code, so I just wanted my pretty little WYSIWYG editor to work in the same manner as if I was sitting at my laptop.

Luckily, the LogMeIn Ignition app provides this exact functionality.  The LMI app essentially allows you to remote control any PC or Mac that you have installed the client on.  The client is free (There is a pay one if you want) and very easy to install on your home computer.  Once the client was installed on my Windows 7 laptop I pulled up the App Store on my iPad 2 so I could purchase the LMI app, which comes in at a hefty price of $29.99.  That sounds a little pricey, but it’s well worth the price of admission, especially because it allows me to manage this site from the road as if I was sitting on my fat a*s at my desk.

If you’ve ever used any type of RDP (Remote Desktop) software in the past, then LMI should feel very similar to you.  It’s as easy as pulling up the app on your iPad 2 and choosing whichever computer you’ve setup with the client to remote into.  Once the session has been established I am presented with my laptop’s desktop in the same state that I left it the last time I used it.  From the iPad 2 I can completely control my laptop with every bit of functionality that I would have at my disposal if I were actually physically using my laptop.  The only difference is that I’m using the iPad 2 as my input device.  My laptop’s mouse is controlled using my fingers, while the keyboard is replaced by the iPad 2’s virtual keyboard (Or Bluetooth keyboard).

Overall, the speeds are more than satisfactory to get me through a day of posting.  Using the LMI app on my iPad 2 gives me full control of the tools I have installed on my laptop.  I can view Flash content, upload and download files, and most importantly I can manage my WP site in the same easy fashion that I’ve become accustomed to by using a traditional laptop.  It’s what I would describe as a Geek’s paradise.  Not only do I have an awesome tablet in the iPad 2, but now I also have the full power of a traditional laptop in the palm of my hands.  The LogMeIn Ignition app is a must buy for any iPad 2 users that also run a web-blog using the WordPress CMS.

Rather than me droning on about how excellent this app is, I went ahead and made a short video for you to watch so you can see how this remote desktop software works with your own eyes.  It really is a valuable app that has more than earned its $30 price tag.  I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and each time I feel myself getting more efficient with it.  I’d say within 4 weeks time I’ll become just as efficient on my iPad 2 using the LMI app to manage my website as I am when I post from a traditional computer.  If you use WordPress and run a self-hosted site I can’t stress enough how wonderful this app is when it comes to mobile posting.  Please check the video demo out below to see this little peach in action.  You’ve been given the tools to help you leave your cave now go out and get some Sun…


Demo: LogMeIn Ignition App for the iPad 2



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