Look If You Dare but the Real ‘Avengers 4’ Title May Been Leaked

Thanks to a cinematographer’s website, the title of the next Avengers movie may have been leaked. It looks like it has definitely leaked based on the embedded tweet below, but considering there is still plenty of time before it releases, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel’s brain trust doesn’t change it again now that it has apparently leaked online.

Just to be safe though you shouldn’t go past this line if you want to avoid the title. I’m not sure how a title can spoil much of anything in a movie, but just for good measure this is your last warning.

Ok, ready!? The title for Avengers 4 will be Avengers: End Game! BOOM! Has your brain melted yet? No? Good, because it shouldn’t, it’s just a movie title after all, and a solid one at that if it sticks. It could mean multiple things, such as the end to Thanos’ game, or the end to the original Avengers, or the end of this phase of the MCU. I dig it, but I do think it may change now, because Marvel and the Russo Bros. seem hellbent on keeping the title secret, so I could definitely see them changing it based on this leak if the End Game title is indeed the real deal. You can check out the tweet below, which captured a section of Trent Opaloch’s website that listed his resume of films he’s been a cinematographer on.

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