Loot Rascals is a delightfully light-hearted, randomly generated strategy game where you’ve crash-landed on a very strange planet and–well–you gotta get off it. You start the game with an important mission, which quickly deteriorates to “Yeah, you know what? Let’s just get the hell out of here, this wasn’t supposed to happen.” The game is quite hilariously narrated, the art style is something reminiscent of Adventure Time, and it’s all-around a goofy, funny time. The gameplay itself is fairly simple at a surface level, but if you want to make it all the way through the game, even by the skin of your teeth, you’re going to have to play smart.

There’s a day/night cycle that changes every time you move five spaces, and enemies move into offensive or defensive positions when that cycle changes. Basically, the difference in these positions are that if they’re in offensive, and you land on the same space, they will attack first, and the opposite goes for the defensive position. You really have to play cat and mouse with enemies to try to always attack first, because you don’t have a ton of hit points, so having that advantage over every enemy truly helps.

There’s also a card system within the game where when you defeat some enemies, they drop  a helpful little card that you can equip. Certain cards give better stat boosts depending on what slot you put them in (in your inventory), and any cards you don’t want, you can scrap for currency. We’ve got some screenshots for you to check out, and you can pick up the game on PC and PS4 for just 15 bucks, I highly recommend it!


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