Lords of The Fallen released a while ago on consoles to, well, mixed reviews, to say the least. A lot of people considered it to be a sort of Dark Souls ripoff, only without all of the polish and intrigue that the Souls games actually had. It was just a little slow and sluggish, and not as responsive, and frankly, it faded into obscurity as just being a game that tried to capitalize on the popularity of another game (or that’s how it seemed).

Now the game is being brought to mobile devices, and I know what you’re thinking: “You can’t play one of those games on mobile, that would be a mess!” Don’t worry, though, what they’ve done is taken away the few redeeming qualities that the game used to have, and made it some kind of tap-fighter game. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if this game comes with some kind of ridiculous micro transaction system that makes it an absolute travesty to play. Mobile games have gotten better in the last couple of years, but this could very well be a stinker if it goes the way that it looks like it’s going.

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