Lords of Uxlia

KickStarter, the ever-popular crowd funding platform, has aided dozens of amazing video game projects reach new audiences and helped usher in a new era of game innovation and creativity. Lords of Xumlia, a classic isometric role playing game, looks to be the next big thing to emerge from KickStarter – giving those raised on the golden era of CRPGs more than enough reason to be excited.

Lords of Xumlia aims to capture the sense of immersion, deep storytelling and challenge that are the hallmarks of classic role playing games such as Ultima and Fallout, and according to the information released about the game via their KickStarter page, Xumlia is on track to become an instant classic.

Set on the mythical island of Xumlia, a land where the world’s creators once dwelled, Lords of Xumlia spins a the tale of the great explorer Gaulen and his companions as they travel among Man and God alike.


Xumlia’s tale is an expansive one, chronicling a journey from the world’s inception all the way until its ultimate demise. Gaulen’s journey is just the beginning of what Xumlia developers Numantian Games hope to be an expansive and encompassing mythology, fraught with challenge and choice.

Lords of Xumlia’s dangerous world is echoed not only in its writing, but also in the core gameplay components. According to Numantian, Xumlia will require the player to think strategically and reward imagination.

The rich fantasy roleplaying in Xumlia will chalk up to over sixty hours of gameplay as Gaulen and company traverse the massive continent that is Xumlia. Across the continent, players can expect to encounter well over thirty different dungeons, each filled with imaginative and horrific enemies.


Xumlia’s dangerous landscape means that battles will be inevitable, and Numantian currently has built nine different character classes with over one hundred skills to choose from. The deep skill system and class options echo the classics that Lords of Xumlia takes its inspiration from, ensuring that those with experience in the genre will feel right at home as they explore through the game.

More information about this massive undertaking can be found on Lords of Xumlia’s KickStarter page. The game hit the crowd funding platform on October 30th, where it aimed to raise an initial goal of $10,000. Less than a week later, that record has been shattered, showing that fans have great faith in both Numantian and the Lords of Xumlia project.

On the KickStarter page, those interested will find more plans for the Lords of Xumlia funding; including stretch goals and donation incentives.

Lords of Xumlia is also up for voting on Steam’s Greenlight program, which will secure Xumlia a release on the world’s most popular PC digital distribution service.

Lords of Xumlia is a RPG that simply exudes potential. From the game’s classic role playing elements, to the intriguing and deep story, Xumlia promises to be one of the best RPG experiences in years.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Lords of Xumlia.

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