The Surge, clearly inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, recently released to decent reviews across the board. For those that are looking for a Souls-like challenge with similar controls and gameplay, it’s a great game to play until the next From Software title releases. Of course, Dark Souls is supposedly over, but there’s always the possibility of a Bloodborne 2 being announced this year at E3 (please).

The setting is quite a bit different in The Surge. Rather than being a chosen undead or unkindled, you’re a poor sucker stuck in the middle of god-knows-what. Waking up with your ass strapped to an exo-rig, you’ve got to piece together what the hell happened while you were unconscious (and kill your ex-coworkers).

Check out the LORE in a minute above and let us know what you think about the game, and if you think it’s worthy to be called a Souls-like!


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