LORE Tells the Story of ‘The Surge’ in Sixty Seconds

The Surge, clearly inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, recently released to decent reviews across the board. For those that are looking for a Souls-like challenge with similar controls and gameplay, it’s a great game to play until the next From Software title releases. Of course, Dark Souls is supposedly over, but there’s always the possibility of a Bloodborne 2 being announced this year at E3 (please).

The setting is quite a bit different in The Surge. Rather than being a chosen undead or unkindled, you’re a poor sucker stuck in the middle of god-knows-what. Waking up with your ass strapped to an exo-rig, you’ve got to piece together what the hell happened while you were unconscious (and kill your ex-coworkers).

Check out the LORE in a minute above and let us know what you think about the game, and if you think it’s worthy to be called a Souls-like!


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