I think Tiger’s golf issues are coming from the use of his new found sunglasses.  He never wore them before, so why start now?  Did the sun all of a sudden get brighter this year, or is he trying to hide behind the frames?  He just doesn’t look like mister untouchable, his typical weekend persona come tournament time.

I don’t blame this on the scandal.  It all goes back to the PGA Championship last year when he choked Mickelson style for the first time in his life.  Can he get his head out of his bum?  Only time will tell, but through the first 2.5 holes he doesn’t look impressive.  I love judging people that are better at something than me!


Before I went to press on this the golf Gods just took a dump on Phil Mickelson’s face.  Did anyone else see that piece of nature land right in Phil’s putting line as he was making his backstroke?  Sorry Phil, that was not your fault bub!

You’ve been enlightened…


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