‘LOST’: “Across the Sea” – Adam and Eve Explained, Plus A Little!

*NO SPOILERS*  I just got done watching the latest episode in the ‘LOST’ saga, and many questions are still up in the air, but some of the meatier ones have been answered.  “Across the Sea” focused solely on the origins of Jacob and Flocke, and it didn’t disappoint.  I’ll spare you any spoilers, but let me just tell you that the whole Adam and Eve issue from way back in Season 1 has finally been answered definitively.  There will be no question left in your mind about who those mysterious remains belong to, and it will surprise you.  You will also learn a very in depth history on the relationship between Jakey-poo and his Nemesis.  There’s much more to their rivalry than you think.

If you remember a few episodes back, Flocke explained to Kate about his crazy Moms, well that whole back story is fleshed out as well.  The overall picture is still a little muddy, but the whole mystique of the Island and Jacob’s mission of guarding it, are made much more clear.  Just when you thought you knew who was good and who was bad, the writers throw another monkey wrench into it.

After you watch this episode you’ll really start to wonder who is a bad guy, and who is a good guy.  Is it Jacob, or is it Flocke?  It’s kind of a which came first, the chicken or the egg debate.  I’ll let you decide for yourselves after watching it, but I must say I do kind of feel bad for Flocke.  Let’s just say he’s kind of setup.  You’ll see what I mean?  You’ve been f*ing LOST again, brilliant…

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