‘LOST’ Co-Creators Now Feel “Empty” That Its All Over

You know what I will too.  With this Sunday bringing a close to one of the best, and most original shows on TV, I imagine most fans share this sentiment.  I just hope the ending satisfies me, and only me.  I don’t give a flying f*ck about what the other weirdo-hater-forum-fans think, I just want it to work for me.  You know what?  All of you should feel the same way as well.

I can guarantee you that most loyal fans will probably be let down by the series finale, it’s almost impossible for everyone to be happy with the ending, since most of us have been thinking about it for the past 3 years.  We all have our wants and wishes for the ending, but we also have to except the fact that the writers control the content, and we have to go with what they give us.  I just hope it gives me resolve, that’s it.

Lindelof and Cuse, the two main dudes involved in ‘LOST’, are feeling the same way.  In a recent interview Cuse speculated on the myriad of fan reactions that will happen after the finale is aired.  He said, “That’s bound to happen.”  He knows that the work he and Damon, as well as the writers, won’t make everyone happy, but he goes on to say, “We’re satisfied with the finale”.  Cuse then said about the finale that it is, “kind of spiritual,” and said it “feels like a fair way to honor the fans, the characters and everyone’s commitment to the show.”

That’s fine with me, and should make most of us satisfied knowing that the brain where most of the ‘LOST’ lore spawned its content, is happy with how it ends.  They made all of the shit up we love about the show, so if they’re cool, hopefully I’ll be cool with it as well.  As long as it’s not another abortion like the ‘Star Wars’ prequels.  Sorry I had to throw that in there, I’m a fanboy scorned, which is worse than a woman.

Here we go ‘LOST’ fans!  The 6 year journey that resembles an acid trip at times is almost at its end.  Don’t forget to tune in this weekend for the ‘LOST’ heavy lineup on ABC, which kicks off with the pilot on Saturday, and ends with a near 5 and a half hour event Sunday night starting at 7 EST.  I know I can’t wait, so I’m sure you all feel the same way.  Let’s hope for the best, which is personal satisfaction with the finale.  Screw what the critics, or fanboys may have to say.

If you enjoy it and get what you wanted out of the conclusion of “LOST’, then that should be good enough.  Stay tuned for my thoughts on the end, which will drop Sunday night if I’m not feeling lazy, or by Monday afternoon at the latest.  You’ve been taking for a ride that is almost at its end, NOOOOOOOO!…

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