‘LOST’ It Only Ends Once…


Well it’s over my friends, and I’m more than satisfied.  Just like Carlton and Damon said it definitely ended in “Lostian” fashion, but it worked for me.  I was thrilled with the episode one hour in.  I’m sure the haters will be a-plenty, but that’s what you get when people are retarded and don’t have imaginations.  If you need spoon fed, ‘LOST’ was never for you.  I f*cking hate dumb people!  I got what I needed, and that was a feeling the exact opposite of what the Star Wars prequels gave me, closure and a sense of fulfillment.

I can honestly say I’m content with how things ended, and if you’re in the crowd who is not, I feel bad for you.  You basically have no cognitive reasoning, or lack a vivid imagination.  I felt the ending was as clear as it could be for ‘LOST’.  Big thumbs up, and thanks to JJ, Damon, and Carlton!  Seriously the best show I’ve ever watched, and I don’t think it’ll ever be topped.  I’m glad I was alive for this experience.  WOW, that’s really all I can say.  It started with an eye and ended with one.  Masterful, just masterful.  You’ve been treated to the most thought provoking, intriguing, exciting, and thrilling show of a lifetime…

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By the way, a majority of ‘LOST’ forums are crashed right now.  How’s that for power?  You owe it to your soul to watch this show if you have not.  Oh one thing though, if you’ re a brainless toolbox who needs someone to explain to you that the Earth is round this show may not be for you.

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