‘Lost’: “The Candidate” and a Super Long Finale Announcement

*No Spoilers*

I feel with “The Candidate”, ‘Lost’ finally got back on track.  Ever since the Desmond bizzarro episode I really haven’t been feeling the show, but last night helped to reaffirm as to why “Lost” is one of the best works of fiction of all-time.  I’m not going to go into details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but ‘The Candidate’ has set things up for an interesting finish.  Be prepared for some sad moments if you’re emotional like me, yeah the E.B. is sensitive for Sci-Fi.  There’s also a bit of redemption, which was nice to see.

I still feel like the show is being rushed to the end, but what are you going to do.  The producers committed, and wanted to end the show in 6 seasons, but some of these last episodes just feel like they’re pushing things forward faster than they should.  This season should have been the standard 22-23 episodes to allow for a more in-depth build up to the end.  By the way, ‘Lost’ is officially wrapped as of this Monday.  Cuse and Lindelof both tweeted, “We’re done.  Amen.”, nooooooooooooooo!!

I think next week’s episode may be the best of this season.  “Across the Sea” looks to be the episode that will explain the origins of Jacob and Fake Locke, can’t wait.  Check out a preview here.  One of those chicks has to be Fake Locke’s crazy Mom, and the other may be Jacob’s.  The end is within sight.

Speaking of “The End”, which is the title of the ‘Lost’ finale, ABC has confirmed that it’ll be a 2.5 hour show!  Booyeah!  The longer the better in my opinion.  I don’t ever want this show to end, but all good things do at one point right?  ABC should be announcing this super duper finale announcement tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.

The series finale, which will air on May 23, will be part of a ‘Lost’ extravaganza weekend.  On May 22nd the 2 hour pilot will air “enhanced” style, and before the 2.5 hour finale on the 23rd, “Lost: The Final Journey”, a 2 hour retrospective will air, summing up the show for dummies.  4.5 hours of ‘Lost’, brilliant!  That’s not all, after the finale we will be treated to “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost”.  This could be the best weekend of TV ever.  Get ready to rot away in front of the boob tube, and let’s hope for the best.  You’ve been ‘Lost’…

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