‘LOST’: “What They Died For” – How’s That For Some Answers?


Wiggity-diggity-WOW!  What an episode!  I think this may be the best of this season.  We finally have gotten the answers we wanted.  Jacob admitted he made a mistake killing his bro and creating the monster.  That is why he’s been bringing candidates to the island all this time.  He knew he f’d up and released evil incarnate by throwing ol’ brother down the hole.  He also knew his bro would eventually figure out how to kill him for making him a monster, so he was sizing up his replacements for years and years.

Oh yeah, we also know why he chose the candidates now.  They were all flawed and alone just as Jacob was, and he knew the island would give them purpose.  That’s good enough for me.  At least he gave them a choice unlike the crazy lady who tricked his ass last week.  Jacob also said he needs the candidates to do what he could not, kill his bro.  I knew he screwed up royally by chucking him down the light hole.  He is the main reason their is such a need to protect the island.  Before it was just from man, but after his foolish act with his bro, it was to protect it from the most evil thing in all the world.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was thoroughly satisfied with these explanations.  I think we all knew Jackie-poo would assume the mantle of island protector, but it’s still cool to see how Jack has made a complete 180 from his original personality.  It’ll be interesting to see how things play out from here for our new Jacob.

How about Ben going all badass again?  I think it’s a ruse to F over MIB, but I could be wrong.  He totally wanted to see Widmore die for revenge sake, but I don’t think he’ll end up being a douche and killing the rest of the candidates.

The off-island stuff with Desmond is getting better and better, but I still have no clue where that scene is all headed.  I like it now though.  It just seems to fit now unlike the semi-mess it was earlier this season.  On a side note, Richard just kind of got pwned huh?  Didn’t really see that demise for him, but oh well, they have to kill off as many peeps as possible, so it is what it is.

I’m so jacked for the finale now.  It’s going to blow when the show is over, but I’m ready to see how things end up.  I really feel like “What They Died For” has redeemed this season.  It went to fast, but it really put things in order.  Jacob made a boo-boo by creating the monster that poses a massive threat to the whole world, he knew he would eventually be killed for it, so he started plucking flawed, empty, and lonely folks to take his place when the time was right.  The light is the key to the whole show and now Jack is responsible for protecting it from Flocke snuffing it out.  Our favorite Scot, Des, is the literal fail safe for the island just like the button he pushed seasons ago.  I love it all and can’t wait for Sunday!  Whew, I get way too excited about this shit, but what else do you expect, I’m a geek, fanboy stlye!  You’ve been LOST and almost found…

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