Low Poly Star Wars Fan Art Brings a Where’s Waldo Feel to the Galaxy


There’s a low poly artist on Behance who goes by the handle BIGO ///, and the art he creates has a very charming look and feel. He’s clearly a fan of all things geek, because his portfolio is filled with art from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and other geeky properties.

His style is very unique looking as it blends the looks of pixel art and 3D modeling to create the low poly look. He created a series of Star Wars pieces that exemplify this style perfectly, and they almost feel like they’re from a Star Wars themed Where’s Waldo adventure book. There are just so many details included in each piece, which is why they almost feel alive with energy.

The first piece is an overhead shot of Mos Eisley’s market, which looks to be bustling with trade and other shady spaceport dealings.

The second piece is an action scene in which a band of Stormtroopers are hunting down a Jedi in a blocky looking forest.

The final piece is of the Rebel hanger on Hoth, which again is full of action and almost feels as if the soldiers are ramping up for a battle with the Empire.

If you liked these low poly art pieces you should definitely head over to Behance and check out BIGO /// portfolio!


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