Lucas Makes more Heinous Changes to Original Star Wars Trilogy

As if the changes he made to the Special Editions of Star Wars weren’t bad enough, George Lucas has possibly made them even worse with additional changes coming in the Blu-ray versions of the original trilogy.  There’s some pretty heavy rumors going around today coming from some fans who have already gotten their grubby little paws on the HD versions of the Star Wars saga., the forums and the DVDTalk forums have all been dissecting the Star Wars Blu-rays, and they’ve noticed some changes to the original trilogy that’ll make older Star Wars fans vomit in their mouths.

Supposedly, Lucas has added the infamous “NOOOOOOO” from the end of Revenge of the Sith to one of the most emotional scenes in Return of the Jedi.  Now instead of watching a beaten down man realize that his son is right and that he still has good in him, we get the pathetic Vader from the prequels letting out a “NOOOOOOO” as if he were a slow person like Lenny from Of Mice and Men.  I truly hope that this is some evil trick put on by an angry fan, but the rumor seems to have some weight behind it.  If this is indeed how one of my most memorable scenes from the original trilogy will now play out in HD I can officially say that George Lucas has jumped way the f*ck over the shark.

Rumored New ROTJ Scene

(Not actual footage from Blu-ray. A fan synced the new audio onto the old footage.)


If that change weren’t bad enough he supposedly also messed around with the scene in A New Hope where Kenobi scares off some sand people with his krayt dragon mating call.  It now sounds as if Old Ben had been doing non-stop Jager shots in his mud hut before crashing the sand people’s party.  He sounds like a hillbilly who just realized he won $2.00 from a scratch off lottery ticket.

Rumored New ANH Scene

(Not actual footage from Blu-ray. A fan synced the new audio onto the old footage.)


Damn, George WTF guy?  Whatever happened to leaving things as they are?  If you really feel the need to f*ck with your franchise why don’t you re-edit the prequels?  They need help.  Your original trilogy does not.  Star Wars Gods help us all!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these edits are just some cruel joke by an evil fanboy.  We shall all know for sure if our beloved OT has been altered yet again come September 16th.  You’ve been really hoping that these changes are a joke…


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