Lucasfilm Launches “Ask Vader” Site & Star Wars Moments Rankings

In preparation for the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars films Lucasfilm has opened up two new websites to get fans in the mood to buy yet another copy of every SW movie.  The first site is called “Ask Vader” which is the Star Wars equivalent of asking the magic 8-ball a question about the future.  In this version you interact with a fully animated Darth Vader by typing him questions and listening to his responses.  You can also ask him questions by speaking them if you visit the site from a mobile device.  Here’s the full explanation for the “Ask Vader” promo.

Making one of life’s tough decisions? Need the advice of an agent of the Sith? We can help with all of your Darth side needs! Open ‘Ask Vader’ and call upon the Dark Lord to answer your questions.Vader will (im)patiently listen to your questions (typed into a text input field) before dishing out his dark wisdom.
Other features include unlockable “Special Moments with Vader” – hidden surprises recounting some of Darth Vader’s most special memories from the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray.

In addition to the Vader 8-ball Lucasfilm has also launched the Star Wars Visualizer site where you can vote on the top 300 moments from the entire saga.  The site is animated with all of the selected scenes and you can click on them to make your vote and read about/watch the scene.  It’s a nifty site, but I refuse to participate because it actually lists scenes from the prequels to be voted on.  There isn’t a single scene in those films that can be considered in the Top 300, so this is why I’m refraining from voting.  Yeah I’m one angry prequel troll, but facts are facts and the prequels sucked nuts.  For the official synopsis of the SW Moments site head on down below.  You’ve been needing to ask the Dark Lord of the Sith a personal question…

Star Wars Moments Site

Star Wars Moments is a new way to experience the Star Wars Saga. Jump right in and explore 300 of the most exciting, cinematic moments across the entire six-film Saga. With Star Wars Moments, your opinion counts; you have the opportunity to have your say. Rate any and all moments on a scale of 1-5 stars, select your six favorites, decide the victors in countless moment vs. moment battles, and even share specific moments with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Keep in mind, every action you take helps decide the all-time favorite Star Wars Moment.

For quick viewing, you can sort through the 300 Star Wars Moment by episode, or even by one of the following tags: Funny, Epic, Dark, Romantic, and Inspiring. Adding to the fun, you help decide what Moments fit into each category.

Use the Visualizer View for a quick visual of the top moments. The bigger the Moment image, the more popular it is with Star Wars fans like you. Scroll over a Moment image to view a description, see its current ranking, and receive access to view the image in full size. You may even be able to watch a short video clip! There are also Top 10 lists that are showcased in a Leaderboards View, determined by the overall ranking results of everyone that participates. Be sure to recruit all your friends and family to experience Star Wars Moments for themselves, helping ensure your favorite moments rise to the top.


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