Luke Skywalker’s Costume Rumored to be Different in Star Wars Episode VIII

Making Star Wars is known for providing reliable information about unreleased Star Wars projects, but you should take this latest report as speculation until we get more concrete information from the inevitable string of trailers that will be released for Star Wars Episode VIII.

Last chance to bail, and not the Organa type!

According to Making Star Wars Luke won’t be wearing the same tunic we saw him in at the end of The Force Awakens. Apparently he’ll be sporting a darker themed getup that echoes his Jedi costume with hints of Dooku’s Sith getup. You can read the synopsis below:

“Luke Skywalker wears a darker costume compared to what we saw in The Force Awakens. This costume is more evocative of his Return of the Jedi clothes in cut and color. His undertunic reminds me of Count Dooku but his very dark grey cape drops over the top of his shoulders and chest like a shawl. This leaves his right arm free but half of his chest covered by the cape. It’s almost similar to the asymmetrical cut of Captain Phasma’s cape, but more like a shawl in the way it cover his chest.

The cool part I kept for this write-up is that Luke’s black glove from Return of the Jedi is back on his hand. Luke Skywalker’s tunic is cut the same as Dooku’s but the “skirt” part of the tunic appears to be little closer to the knees than Dooku’s was. The shawl aspect of the cape hangs to the left so he can still fight with his right hand as it drapes to the left.”

In an attempt to visualize Luke’s Episode VIII costume Making Star Wars asked its fans to draw concept art for it based on the descriptions provided to them. You can check out the chosen piece below.

Via LumberJack Nick
Via LumberJack Nick

Star Wars Episode VIII is set to hit theaters December 2017. We’re predicting that we will get a title for it and the first teaser this December, so stay tuned to see if our Force visions are correct.


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