Luke’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Training Academy Flashback Gets Remade With Stop Motion LEGOs

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi we finally were clued into why Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. He had clearly been flirting with the Darkside before joining his Uncle’s academy, but after Luke sensed that Ben was too far gone, he had a brief moment of weakness and considered killing his nephew while he slept with his green lightsaber. Although, before he did the deed he realized his folly, but it was too late, Ben had awoken to see his Master and Uncle prepared to murder him, so he naturally lashed out and fought back and fully committed himself to the Darkside of the Force.

This scene was played out in three different versions, but the final one that Luke gave to Rey before she left his island was the true retelling. Now thanks to LordOf TheBricks, you can watch this tragic sequence play out in stop motion LEGO form. Even though the actors are replaced by brick men, you can still feel the gravity of the scene play out as Luke nearly strikes down his nephew in a moment of weakness. Head on up above to watch this fateful exchange play out with LEGO dudes!


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