Apple has finally dropped the next major release of their Mac operating system awesomely named Lion (can be downloaded right from the App Store for only $30, Score!).  This major OS upgrade brings a host of new features to Mac users around the world with many of the updates providing an iOS-like experience on the Mac platform.  The technology centered media has been unleashing their reviews on it with most of them positive, but there are some that are crying foul over the changes Apple has made to Mac OS X.  Personally, I don’t think I’ll be nearly as offended as long time Mac users because I’ve only had a few weeks to tinker with Snow Leopard.  Due to this I don’t foresee myself b*tching about most of the changes because the whole Mac life is so new to me anyway.

Mac OS X Lion as it Appears in the App Store

For now I’m choosing not to upgrade (like that’ll last the day) mainly because my shiny new White iPhone 4 showed up today, so I want to get that little piece of heaven up and running before I make extreme changes to my MacBook Pro.  Trust me, every fiber in my geek body is screaming, “Update to Lion you f*cking pussy!”, but I have to put it off until other technological projects are completed.  I anticipate having Lion up and running within the next day or two, so when that happens I’ll make sure to update you other fanboys.  Until then I urge you to check out some of the mainstream reviews, and/or tips on getting the most out of Lion below.  You’ve bitten off more than you can chew on the tech front today…

Good Reads to Prepare you for the Lion Upgrade

(OS X Lion Install Link)

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