Mac OS X Lion: Power of the Mac OS and The Magic of the iPad

The title of this post is a direct reference to how Apple is describing their next OS for the Mac family of products.  I personally haven’t used a Mac since my days at The OSU, so I can’t really speak to its OS as an expert, but I can comment on it as a professional geek and self-proclaimed gadget guru.  I can tell you that I’ve never heard a negative comment about any of Apple’s operating systems, which can’t be said for my OS of choice – Windows, so I have no doubts that the new Lion version of the Mac OS X series will be just as solid.

Mac OS X Lion main goal is to provide a complete multi-touch and gesture enabled OS for Apple notebooks.  Snow Leopard, the current Mac OS, already has a pretty extensive multi-touch system, but Lion promises to build upon it exponentially.  Gestures on the track pad will now initiate system wide features such as pulling up the new Mac App Center, or even switching between apps, as well as various menus within said apps.  Basically, the new Mac Books running Mac OS X Lion will be laptop versions of the iPad, which means they’ll be bringing more beef than the Pad as far as guts go, but it’ll retain the slick UI of Apple’s touchscreen tablet.

I’m not an Apple fanboy by any means, but I must say after watching the demo video for the Lion OS I may have to get in on the action.  It puts the mouse to shame and makes other track pads look like technology from the 1980’s.  Once again Apple’s innovation comes shining through, and it will undoubtedly be copied by other tech companies down the road.  It’s just a shame that some of their recent policies have become so polarizing for Apple 3rd party devs, and its own user base.  There’s no other company like Apple for pushing the technology envelope, but let’s just hope their ego doesn’t destroy the machine that makes them successful.  To see Mac OS X Lion in action check out the vid below.  You’ve been wanting something like this…

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