Madden 19 E3 2018 Hands-On Preview: A Visual Treat

In terms of cutting edge visuals, Madden 19 definitely made an impression on me while going hands-on with it on an Xbox One X during an E3 media event. That’s not to say that Madden 18 was long in the tooth, but my goodness has a year made a huge difference, as well as allowing the dev team to have more time to squeeze the most out of the Frostbite engine.

I played an Arcade match using a Madden super team versus the Philadelphia Eagles, and at times if I wasn’t holding a controller in my hands I’m not sure if I’d know I was watching a video game, and not an actual NFL broadcast. The level of visual fidelity is insane on the Xbox One X, so the whole game looks and feels more realistic than ever. The textures are pure, the lighting is dynamic and on point, and the frame rate is a smooth 60fps. What’s even more insane to think about is that now that the Madden franchise will be making its way to PC, Madden 19 will look even more insanely polished on a high-end rig. While speaking to one of the dev’s on hand at the event he mentioned that on PC the frame rate is uncapped, and that they’ve had it locked in at 120 while playing at the office, and he said the visual results were jarringly realistic.

Madden 19’s visuals definitely blew me away, but it also played well too. For the most part if you’ve played a Madden in your life the controls and gameplay are still very familiar feeling. Although, I did get to experience one of the new mechanics with a player’s move set, which involves being able to cancel out of a move and go directly into another. Apparently I pulled this off with Leveon Bell on a HB counter, and even though I didn’t know what I did consciously, the feeling of watching Bell start to juke a player, then quickly shift into a spin to find the hole for pay dirt was almost as awesome as watching him do it in real life (I’m a Steelers die hard). To me as the player it also just felt natural, I did’t plan to pull of this maneuver, it’s like the game and my football sense just guided me towards glory.

I wouldn’t call myself a huge Madden player these days, I had my fun with it back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but after getting some time with it at E3, I can see why it still has a rabid fanbase. There’s no doubt that Madden 19 is the best looking Madden to-date, and I can’t even imagine what it’ll look like on a 4K PC. The gameplay though remains solid, and that’s all that really matters to the fanbase, so there’s a great chance that the legion of Madden fans will be blown away by what Madden 19 has to offer later this summer.


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