Mafia 3’s Underboss System Should Provide Unique Experiences for Every Gamer

At E3 2K hosted a closed doors hands-off demo of Mafia 3 (can be viewed publicly now, see below), which among other things showed off the game’s Underbosses, who will play a key role in shaping Lincoln Clay’s vision for New Bordeaux. Lincoln will have three Underbosses to aid in his quest to take over all ten districts that make up New Bordeaux. These power players are Cassandra, a Haitian gang leader, Burke, a crazy-ass Irishman, and Vito Scalleta, a disgruntled Italian mobster looking for revenge and respect. Clay can call upon them for favors during missions, but more importantly he must decide which of them will rule a specific district once it has been captured.


It’s this choice feature that I believe will offer all Mafia 3 gamers a unique gameplay experience thanks to the after effects of these difficult Gang Boss decisions. For example, in the demo Lincoln captures an important district and then must decide which of his three Underbosses should get to control it. He and the three of his underlings sit down and have a pow-wow, which supposedly will take place at the end of each major mission to settle who gets control of what. During this discussion Lincoln can talk to each Underboss to get their take on the matter, which should provide clear indicators if you will severely piss one of them off and potentially lose their loyalty, or if you can come to an agreement that will appease all three.


In the demo it was very evident that if Lincoln didn’t choose Burke to take over the captured District shit would hit the fan, and it did. So much so that Burke left Lincoln’s gang and proceeded to fuck with him by using his forces to disrupt his former Boss’s empire. Ultimately Lincoln had to go and hunt down Burke to remind him who is King of New Bordeaux, but if Lincoln chose–say Cassandra–maybe this excursion would have never happened. The same logic applies if Lincoln chose Burke first. Maybe one of the other Underbosses would have went rogue, or maybe they would have gone along.


It’s these choices that will fundamentally alter one gamer’s Mafia 3 playthrough over another’s, and I dig it. With 10 Districts to capture the combination of choices is limitless, so you and your gaming buddies should all have unique gameplay experiences with the next Mafia title.

If you missed the demo you can check it out below to see the Underboss functionality in action.


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