The third DLC for 2K’s. Mafia III is due out on July 25th and we have finally gotten the details on what the DLC will be about. In the Sign of the Times DLC, protagonist Lincoln Clay is put up against a violent group of cultists called the Ensanglante. This self righteous group is hell bent on restoring righteousness and order to New Bordeaux through violent rituals. The cultists use a hallucinogenic drug to bend their followers to their will, making them cold blooded murderers. After finding a lone survivor of one of these, “rituals,” Lincoln vows to protect New Bordeaux from it’s new residents.

Lincoln will have to call upon his special ops training to infiltrate the Ensanglante. He’ll have access to new weapons and tactics, including throwing knives and an all new slow motion shooting combat technique. Lincoln will finally be able to restore Sammy’s bar to its former glory, symbolically completing his own redemption story. You can find out more information for this piece of DLC here during a blog post with commentary from Hangar 13’s Narrative Director Bill Harms and Senior Writer Ed Fowler.

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