Mafia III’s New Orleans Comes to Life in Short Video

As a franchise, Mafia has always been known for its evocative use of time to tell a compelling narrative. Mafia III, set in 1968 New Orleans, is no different.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Mafia III’s take on New Orleans can be seen. Due to its setting and the year it takes place in, Mafia III has a lot of cultural issues and events to draw inspiration from, leading its version of New Orleans to be every bit as lively as the city’s real-life counterpart,

Of course, it wouldn’t be the late 60s without some rock and roll. According to the video, Mafia III will feature a soundtrack that includes tracks from The Kinks and the Rolling Stones. Surely, more tracks will be revealed as the game gets closer to its 2016 release window.


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