‘Magic the Gathering: Arena’ Open Beta Arrives Later This Month

Wizards of the Coast is finally moving their online card game, Magic the Gathering: Arena, into the open Beta phase on the 27th of this month. MtG: Arena is a great game for card players that can’t always play the physical game, while still getting all the rewards and perks of the physical game. MtG: Arena really brings to life the fantasy of the game through robust visuals and impactful spell effects. Wizards released a whimsical trailer with Danny Trejo and Day9 to show off the game, which you can see above! Check out some more information below!

About MtG: Arena:

  For the past few months, Arena has been played in Closed Beta by Magic fans eager to try the latest digital environment for the game, and on September 27, Magic: The Gathering Arena will enter Open Beta and be available for all to play on PC! For over 25 years, Magic: The Gathering has been the leading strategy card game in the world. In that time, the game has evolved in many ways, but at its core has always been about combining strategy gaming with unique fantasy settings and a compelling story. Arena brings this rich history to life with all the strategy you’ve come to expect of the legendary card game in a beautiful, epic, and fun digital environment!

Arena is designed and built for digital gamers without compromising Magic’s core gameplay. The game rewards those who love a challenge with skillful and exciting gameplay that is a visual feast – the game is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Every decision you make matters in Arena. With thousands of cards available, new synergies to uncover, and new strategies to develop, there are plenty of decisions to make. Existing CCG players and Magic fans will love the depth of the game and find new challenges with every selection. What’s New For those returning to the Arena with the Open Beta launch, there are some exciting new features:

● Bringing physical and digital together (limit one per account) o Every Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker deck will contain a unique code to unlock the same deck on Arena. o Every Prerelease pack will contain a unique code to unlock entry to 1 sealed event on Arena o Players can open Boosters and try and unlock 3 FREE boosters on Arena ● New Music, New Art, New Battlefields ● New Game Mode: Sealed Events ● New Card Set: Guilds of Ravnica ● Free Singleton Event Entry For All Players Until October 2! When can you play? Arena Open Beta launches to the public globally online on ​September 27 at 1PM PT.

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