‘Magic the Gathering: Arena’ Receiving Another Major Update

Magic the Gathering: Arena has really been picking up steam the passed couple months, and with good reason. The game is tons of fun for fans of both the physical card game and just card games in general. The next major update to the closed beta is coming to the game on June 7th! There are some great new things coming, like Standard Format, best of three events like competitive constructed and draft events and much more. There is a developer diary explaining everything that is coming that you can watch now. Check out some more information below about the latest update to Magic the Gathering: Arena!

About the Magic the Gathering: Arena June 7th Update:

”  As progress towards Wizards of the Coast’s upcoming free-to-play digital card game Magic: The Gathering Arena proceeds onwards, Magic enthusiasts and hardcore competitive players of the tactical card game can rejoice as the full dynamic Standard format enjoyed in the physical version of Magic: The Gathering is now coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena!

Starting on June 7, cards from the Kaledesh and Aether Revolt blocks, along with cards from the 2017 Welcome Decks, will be added to Magic: The Gathering Arena. To fully realize the Standard format in Magic: The Gathering, Standard Bans will also be in effect starting on June 7. To celebrate this major update, active players will receive the following: · Two of every Kaledesh / Aether Revolt common & uncommon card · One of each rare and mythic rare · Four of 15 pre-selected cards from both card sets Other updates coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena include: Quick Draft will be available at all times.

The set that is drafted will change each week. Best-of-3 events (Competitive Constructed / Draft events) will be introduced! An all-new item to the in-game store – The Welcome Bundle! For $5, players will receive a bunch of card packs and gems! Updates to the matchmaking system – there will be a reset so everyone will start from scratch. From there, people will go into placement matches to determine their initial MMR and their rank badge is tied to their MMR. “

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