Majestic Nights Brings the Conspiracy to You

Few things are more enjoyable than a good conspiracy theory and thankfully, the newly announced Majestic Nights looks to be one video game that fully embodies this notion.

Billed as an ‘alternate-80s RPG/Thriller’, Majestic Nights will bring players into a world where every little conspiracy can – and will – have truth to it.

Told in an episodic format, Majestic Nights places you into the shoes of Cardholder, an intelligence operative who has dabbled in some seriously huge conspiracy work, and Cal an ultra secretive Private Investigator.

Majestic Nights is built around Epiphany Games’ love of all things conspiracy and will play out in such a way that it will be remarkably simple for those who play the game to immediately be wrapped up in its shadowy, 80s web.

Following the announcement and release of Majestic Night’s launch trailer, the first batch of screenshots for the game have also been released to the public, which can be found below.

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Raymond Porreca

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