Major Gears of War 3 Rumors – Get Your Mech On!

Edge magazine is reporting that it has landed some new details about Gears of War 3 and its gameplay!  Everyone expected a reveal tonight on Jimmy Fallon’s show, but CliffyB had to cancel until next Monday.  Maybe EPIC needed a few more days to get a demo or trailer ready?  Either way Edge is reporting some pretty intense changes to GOW3’s mechanics.  Unfortunately, there were no details if the crappy, buggy, laggy, POS multiplayer will be fixed, or even better have static server support.

One of the biggest changes in my opinion will be the inclusion of mechs.  I guess they want to change the cover system a bit, so the mechs can be used as war machines or cover.  It’s also been rumored that there may be some underwater levels.  I don’t get the underwater deal unless they’re in some sort of sub and it’s a mini-game.  I don’t want my COGS to look like a bunch of synchronized swimmers.  They’re meant to chainsaw Locust face and curb stomp things.  Two very difficult maneuvers to pull off under water.

There is also mention of new Locust enemies, namely a creature with tentacles that can reach around cover.  Just what we need, another reason to run and gun!  There’s also rumors of a new COG weapon/explosive that you can shoot underground.  I’m not sure if it will be some sort of burrowing device that you can use to bypass your enemy’s cover, but it sounds pretty neat.

After the debacle of GOW2’s multiplayer I didn’t think I’d be able to get excited about Gears of War 3, but now that the rumor mills are cranking I’m starting to get slightly jacked.  I don’t know about the mech deal, but the rest of the additions are sounding pretty excellent.  Honestly, I know the campaign will rock I just want some good multiplayer.

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