Make GIFs out of Videos and Pictures Easily with GIF Brewery for Macs

About a week ago I was sent a clip from our stunt pals over at Action Factory that instantly warranted a GIF.  Unfortunately, I haven’t brushed up on my video GIF making skills, so I didn’t even know where to start.  I’ve had experience in making GIFs out of static images via the GIF Camera app for iOS, but I’ve never worked with video files.  I started my search for the ultimate video GIF maker on the App Store, but I only came across some bug filled apps that just didn’t function.  At this point I considered giving up my quest to make the ultimate GIF out of AF’s killer clip, but this Entertainment Buddha never quits when it comes to pointless tasks in life.

I moved away from the mobile App Store and started searching the Mac App Store for an application that would allow me to easily convert video clips into GIFs.  Within moments I found what I was searching for in GIF Brewery by Hello, Resolven.  This $4.99 app provided the exact tool that I needed to easily convert video clips into GIFs with a little extra polish that similar apps didn’t provide.

GIF Brewery is beyond easy to use, and allows you to take any movie clip and turn it into a GIF based on the requirements you may have.  It allows you to toggle frame rates, frame delays, and it even has formatting tools that allow you to apply different effects to your GIF, as well as the ability to add captions.  Once I spent about 10 minutes messing around in GIF Brewery I was able to start cranking out high quality GIFs in no time flat.  In fact, I would like to show off some of my creations, which I’ve embedded after the break.

If you’ve been looking to git your GIF on and have a Mac, I can highly recommend the GIF Brewery app for all of your needs.  You can download it here, or search “GIF brewery” in the Mac App Store.  You’ve been hooked on GIFs since the invention of the Internet…


Hankal Kombat

EB Clothesline

Baby Hulk

Jingle Balls


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