Make Sure to Check Out These 3 Free iOS Games Before They Aren’t

Each week I tend to pass some of my downtime by trolling the iTunes App Store for bargains and surprise hits.  Yesterday I hit the jackpot by finding 3 free iOS games that are of a very high quality, and definitely worth adding to your collection while they remain free.  The games in question are Legendary Heroes for iPhone/iPad, Heroes V Monsters for iPhone/iPad, and Blaster Tank for the iPhone (will run on the iPad, but using the iPhone emulator).  Each of these titles offer a unique experience that can only be found on the iOS platform using your iPhone/iTouch/iPad line of products.  If you head down past the break you can read more about each game and check them out in action if possible.  Enjoy wasting your life!  You’ve been needing more games to sidetrack you from society…

Legendary Heroes

This game is described as an Action-RTS, which I’m not totally sure what that means, but if I had to compare it to something I’d say it’s sort of like Brutal Legend’s RTS gameplay.  You can control up to 3 heroes at a time as you make your way to capture the enemies tower.  In the mean time your own tower needs defended while it produces more units for you to throw at the bad guys.  The controls work pretty well, and the visuals are solid.  I’m thinking it may play better on an iPad, but it worked just find on my 4S last night.  Check out some images and a gameplay trailer for LH below.

Download Link

iOS Gameplay Trailer


Heroes Versus Monsters

This game has some great stylized visuals that bring Castle Crashers to mind.  In fact, it sort of plays the same way but with more RPG elements.  I love the control scheme in this title because it only release on touches.  There’s no crappy virtual joystick to fight with, so the gameplay is quite smooth.  I’m thinking this may also be better played on an iPad, but just like LH, HvM is a thing of beauty on the 4S.  Check out some images and a gameplay trailer for HvM below.

Download Link

iOS Gameplay Footage


Blaster Tank

If you’ve ever played the old XBLA game Heavy Weapon then you know exactly what to expect with Blaster Tank.  It is a straight up copy cat that looks, feels, and sounds just like the Xbox 360 version, which is fine with me because I loved Heavy Weapon.  BT is definitely meant to be played on the smaller iPhone/iTouch iOS devices, but it can run on an iPad in stretch mode.  There’s not much thinking required in this game, so as long as you have two thumbs you can enjoy this time waster.  Check out some screenshots and gameplay footage for Blaster Tank below.

Download Link

iOS Gameplay Footage

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