I’ve always been amazed at some of the more awesome GIFs I’ve seen since the dawn of the Internet, but I never really knew how to make them myself.  That was until I found an iOS app called Gif Camera for the iPhone, because now I’m a GIF making fool.  The Gif Camera app provides anyone with a creative mind a simple to use interface to create homemade GIF files that one day could become Internet legend.

It’s literally as easy as lining up your subject and taking snapshots of it.  Of course you need some sort of vision, because a bunch of shots of a blank wall won’t look very slick at all.  The app even provides an opaque overlay to give you an idea of how your series of pictures are lining up with each other.  When everything is all said and done you can play your GIF file on your phone, adjust the speed if necessary, and then easily share it with the world courtesy of the built in sharing functions.

Easy as point, shoot, save!

The Gif Camera app will keep you busy thinking about everyday objects, and how they can be used to make a cool animated picture.  It’s very easy to use, and as long as you are more creative than an amoeba you should be able to come up with some professional looking GIFs in no time.  The app currently costs $.99 (which is well worth it I might add), but if you have an app like Appshopper you might be able to find it for free one day like I did!  To get an idea of what this app can do I’ve posted some of my own creations below.  They’re not the next Tyson versus Little Mac, or the next Star Wars Dad, but their fun and unique in their own way.  You’ve been wanting to become a GIF master…

GIF Files Created with Gif Camera on the iPhone 4

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