Man at Arms and Danny Trejo – Battlefield 1 Arabian Dagger

Battlefield 1 has a very brutal array of melee weapons. Between knives, swords, and clubs, there are a lot of heavy, sharp tools in that game. The guys at Man at Arms see this as a good opportunity to test their steel (please laugh) and create something a little more historical and a little less fantastical.

The end result still kicks just as much ass as their usual fare, and it’s always cool to see that kind of stuff made from beginning to end–especially in an era where we don’t really use these kinds of weapons anymore. I’m sure a hundred or so years from now we’ll be shooting lasers at each other and watching in wonder as someone builds an M1 Garand rifle from beginning to end.

Come to think of it, that would still be pretty cool to watch now. But anyway, check out the video above!


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