In this short video the guys over at Man at Arms show us the handiwork they are capable of doing as they forge a pair of Wolverine claws for Batman’s arsenal. Heeded by a cool idea, and some great skills in metalwork, Matt, Kerry and their team of merry workers from Baltimore Knife & Sword produce some of the greatest (and deadliest) fan art you may ever lay eyes on. In the past the team has sculpted the claws of Wolverine, and the Batarangs possessed by the Dark Knight, but did you ever think what might come of a mashup of the two?

In the video the team does just that, and creates a fully wearable gauntlet with some sweet features which separate it from any other in the Bat Cave. Check out the video for all the details, and be sure to check out Baltimore Knife & Sword‘s past work, which you will no doubt be in some way or other familiar with.


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