Man Informs Building Full of Turkeys That They’re All Gonna Die!

Have you ever wondered what a building full of turkeys sounded like when you tell them that they’re going to be slaughtered?  Well, it sounds like a building full of birds that have pea-sized brains!  Honestly, I have no idea what this guy is saying.  He’s either foreign, or has one of the thickest east of bum f*ck accents that I’ve ever heard.  Although, I’m pretty sure I know what he is saying.

“Listen up you dummies!  You’re all going to die!  It won’t be pleasant either!  Be prepared to be put to death in a manner you never even dreamed possible.  We will take your steroid infused carcasses and sell them to the masses, so they can enjoy your gentically altered meat.  Thank you for your sacrifice, but I’m sure you’d rather be dead anyway than live in this over crowded sh*t box!  Oh, by the way, the only reason I talk to you is because I have no friends and my Mom thinks I’m a loser..”

Check it out for yourself below.  I’m pretty sure my translation is dead on, but I may have missed a few words here or there.  Have fun eating your turkey!  Think of it as doing these little butterballs a favor.  You’ve been thinking that you’d rather not know where your food comes from…


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