Mantis, bionik’s Integrated PSVR Headphones, is Coming Soon to an Ear Near You

If you’re still rocking the earbuds that came with the PlayStation VR, it’s time for an upgrade. Come August 1st, PSVR owners can get their hands on (and ears in) bionik‘s newest accessory: Mantis, a set of high-fidelity headphones that accommodates the headset’s physical and digital architecture.

Everything about bionik’s Mantis seems to be geared for convenience with sound quality in mind. It’s lightweight, dust-proof, tangle-resistant, and is meant to be as easily attached as it is removed. Even the color scheme is designed to fit the headset’s aesthetic—not like you can see yourself when you’re in the cockpit of a spaceship, but hey, its uniformity is pleasing, regardless.

But the biggest perk is the removal of earbud maintenance. Exploring a decrepit, secluded house full of supernatural murderers in VR is enough anxiety; now, at least, you’ll no longer worry if one of your earbuds is slipping out.

“Our goal with Mantis was to make the immersive PlayStation VR experience more visceral and profound by blocking out distractions and reducing the amount of gear you need to put on,” said bionik’s Amir Navid, Senior Vice President of Product Development. “Sound is an integral part of how we experience our surroundings. It taps into our emotions, it changes how we feel about things. The Mantis allows you to experience this powerful new technology with all your senses engaged. It integrates seamlessly with the PSVR hardware with minimal size and weight, and allows you to suspend disbelief and focus on the virtual environment created.”

Mantis will cost you $49.99 once it releases in August. In the meantime, consider following bionik on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.


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