Margot Robbie Reportedly Cast as Harley Quinn For ‘Suicide Squad’

While there are plenty of names rumored to be attached to various unnamed roles in Suicide Squad, another upcoming DC Comics adaptation from Warner Bros., according to Collider the role of Harley Quinn has been cast and it will be The Wolf of Wall Street damsel Margot Robbie.

Robbie made her debut in Vigilante but is the most well known for her acclaimed role in The Wolf of Wall Street. She will play Jane Foster in the upcoming Tarzan due out in 2016.

A movie which director David Ayer describes as “the Dirty Dozen with supervillains”, there is enough star power rumored to be attached to this film that in the end may equal a dozen stars. Will Smith and Tom Hardy have been rumored to be a part of this for quite some time and the latest rumor being that Jared Leto is in talks to play the Joker, who is the object of lust for Harley Quinn. While the role of the Joker might ultimately be a higher profile role, casting Harley Quinn is a more important decision as her solo title has emerged as one of the best sellers in DC’s New 52 lineup and Harley Quinn Annual #1 was the second highest seller in October 2014 for DC.

via [Collider]

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