Mario Looks Better Than Ever in Fan Made Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Demo

This video is halfway between every 90’s kid’s wildest dreams, and a terrifying nightmare that I’m not sure should ever be made, either way, I like it a lot. YouTuber aryoksini has created a demo using the Unreal 4 engine that features Super Mario looking more glorious than ever before.

This just shows how much power gamers have when they have dreams as kids, grow up, and realize, “Hey, I can MAKE that dream actually come true, it’s not impossible!” The best part is the use of the classic sound effects mixed in with the ridiculously beautiful environments and models, although some of the environments are a bit dark and creepy at times for a Mario game. See for yourself just how crazy this video is above, it might just be the most satisfying five minutes of your life, or the most terrifying, you decide!


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Nathaniel Smyth

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