Mario Takes On Minecraft in Hilarious Video

Many people, when asked to name a video game character, will answer with the mustachioed plumber Mario. The younger generation of video game fanatics, however, might be more inclined to bring the blocky craftsman, known as Minecraft’s Steve, into the conversation.

While a generation gap may separate the gaming world’s association between iconic video game characters, one intrepid YouTuber, known as Andrewmfilms, has dared to propose a meeting of the two characters in something of a cross-generational battle royale.

In the newly released video, entitled ‘Mario vs. Minecraft’, Andrewmfilms creates a short film that pits the two characters against one another. Both Mario and Steve utilize their well-known skills, with Nintendo’s mascot hurling fireballs and wielding hammers while Notch’s darling uses his sword and other tools to wage war.

It would be a disservice to our EB readers to reveal just what happens in the video, but suffice to say that during its three-minute run time, Mario vs. Minecraft packs plenty of punches and is an absolutely enjoyable watch.

After checking out the video, be sure to head to Andrewmfilms’ YouTube channel for even more great projects.


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