Mario Warfare Comes to a Shocking Conclusion in Latest Episode

Yesterday, the unbelievably talented team at the beatdownboogie YouTube channel uploaded the eighth and final chapter to their epic series, ‘Mario Warfare’.

The unforgettable, near-eighteen minute video, puts Nintendo’s iconic heroes against their toughest foe yet, as the battle for the Mushroom Kingdom comes to a close. Mario, Peach and company have never been in a more dangerous position and their chances of survival are thin without some serious help from their allies.

In one of the toughest face-offs in recent memory, the battle reaches an brilliant crescendo as faces from the past return once more.

Near the end of the video, Mario Warfare’s plot takes an unbelievable turn, tying the events of the brilliant series to the games the world knows and loves in an absolute unforgettable twist.

After checking out the Mario Warfare finale, be sure to head back to beatdownboogie’s YouTube channel to see even more great work from one of the internet’s most talented auteurs.


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