Mark Sanchez is a Booger Wiper!

While Mark Sanchez was watching his Jets get scored on he decided to share a personal gift with his backup, Mark Brunell.  It wasn’t any sage advice on how to run the Jets’ offense, rather it was a more intimate exchange between starter and backup.  What says, “Haha you’re a second string QB”, better than picking your nose and wiping it on your backup?  Absolutely nothing!  There’s no better way to establish your dominance than picking your nose and then smearing it on someone else’s clothes on national TV.  Try it out sometime to see what happens.  The booger receiver will either bow to your alpha dog behavior, or punch you in the d*ck.  “Mark,” didn’t your Mommy tell you that booger wipers never win!  You’ve been wanting to start wiping your nose goo on random people in public…


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