The Six Million Dollar Man is finally getting a feature film. While there is a subtle title change to keep up with today’s numbers, the film will be based on the TV show which starred Lee Majors as a former astronaut who is badly damaged in an experimental plane crash. His left eye, right arm, and both legs were replaced with bionic parts which allow him to zoom in, use super strength, and run super fast.

Wahlberg is teaming up again with Lone Survivor director Peter Berg. No word on who else is involved with the film at this time, or how closely the storyline of the film will be to the show. Also, no word on whether Bigfoot will be involved in the film. Watch the clip below, it says it’s seven and a half minutes, but there’s so much slow motion and bad fighting that it feel like a twenty minute clip. Fun fact: Bigfoot is played by Andre the Giant!

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